Your ideal data driven equality, diversity and inclusion solution

Your equality, diversity and inclusion stats in one place

Our data dashboard makes it easy to see all diversity metrics for every stage of the recruitment process.

Evolving Candidate Scores

Build up a better understanding of candidate strengths as the assessment process progresses

Pinpoint Process Issues

Identify the exact stage in your recruitment process where the most diversity is being lost

Detailed Trend Analytics

Develop comprehensive data driven insights into your key diversity performance indicators


What do clients say about EDI:Hire?

“I am really impressed with EDI:Hire’s platform especially the user-friendliness. The data reporting and analytics features will set a new standard within the industry.”

Senior Consultant



What do clients say about EDI:Hire?

“I can see how EDI:Hire will help streamline the recruitment process and easily analyse hiring managers’ performance. The anonymity in the application process will definitely help remove any bias and help recruit the best person for the job.”

Senior Manager

Royal Academy of Engineering


What do clients say about EDI:Hire?

“Being able to easily scrutinise recruitment partners’ performance is very important to us and the EDI:Hire league table does that and so much more!”

Engagement, Diversity and Belonging


Optimization plans

Bias Free Recruiting

Remove the potential for bias to be applied to the recruitment process.

Automate Process Steps

Set advanced automation steps to save time on the administration of tasks.

Monitor Diversity

Track and monitor the level of diversity throughout the recruitment process.

Downloadable Reports

Reports can be downloaded from the system in a number of shareable formats.

Manage Candidates

Administer the progression and rejection of candidates without bias.

Aptitude Based Test

Employers can determine the tests that candidates must do as part of the assessment.

65% Increase

Increase the quality of candidates progressing through your recruitment process by up to 65%

90% Reduction

Reduce the costs and time associated with recruitment administration by up to 90%

40% Increase

Increase the performance of your recruitment partners / personnel by up to 40%

100% Removal

Completely remove the potential for hiring managers to apply personal bias to hiring decisions

Integration Options

Our software can integrate and interface with a number of existing systems, such as enterprise resource planning software (ERP), applicant tracking systems (ATS) and Human Resource Information Systems (HRIS).

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